I’m Now a Certified Scrum Master

by Royd Brayshay on January 13, 2010

Certified SCRUM Master certification logoIn December I did some training and I’m now a badge holding Certified SCRUM Master.
Would I recommend it – yes. After spending the past four years within a large SCRUM department, I felt I had a good understanding of it. I did. However the experience with Mike Cohn, a true master of all things SCRUM, was still enlightening and very worthwhile. If you get the chance I strongly recommend it. Listening to the other delegates discussing war stories was an education in its self and everyone went home with proper planning poker cards – very professional.

In recent years my strategy for professional development has been to solidly pursue the trainer not the training company. It’s a strategy I strongly recommend. In 2008 I travelled to Sweden for a week’s Domain Driven Design immersion with Eric Evans. I’d read his book twice before but still came home re-evaluating what I thought I knew. Talking face to face with a true thought leader is so valuable.

The other thing I did prior to my SCRUM Master week was invest in a way to record the classroom sessions for my personal re-consumption. I’ve found, from experience, once back in the office finding the best way to communicate certain concepts can be challenging. Being able to revisit the ‘pitch’ surrounding a particular topic, as delivered by an expert advocate, is very useful. Finding the best way to make this type of recording took a little evolution and is something I intend to cover soon.

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